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About the Shop
Our shop specializes in making tasty French Macarons. As firm believers that dessert is for every occasion, Nikkolette's Macarons is here for your gift-giving and event catering needs. Not only are macarons an affordable, delicious luxury, but a customizable one as well. Here, you can order custom flavors and colors to match the occasion! 


Each macaron is handmade with mathematical precision by Nikkolette with egg whites, sugar, and almonds.  We fill our macarons with a white or dark Belgian chocolate ganache sandwiched between the two meringue-based cookies. Nikkolette crafts each flavor with all-natural, preservative-free, and gluten-free ingredients. A natural macaron is the best macaron!

About Nikkolette
Mathematician turned professional baker, Nikkolette never expected to have a confection change her life. She has always been passionate about baking and was often known for making desserts for her friends and family. Armed with her mathematics degree, she started in corporate America, working a desk job by day and baking by night. Then the macaron caught Nikkolette's eye. Using her mind for data and analytics, she set her goal to baking the perfect macaron. Her friends and family loved them, requesting her tasty macarons at every opportunity. Before she knew it, she found a commercial kitchen and opened the shop we know and love today, Nikkolette’s Macarons. 

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3 of 3 Items