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3 Reasons to Shop at Local Minnesota Businesses

3 Reasons to Shop at Local Minnesota Businesses

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 3rd Jul 2022

We love shopping locally. The products are often of higher quality, the service feels more personal, and it helps the cities we love thrive. Here are a few reasons that we shop local and think you should too:

#1 Local Character

We really love the art and cuisine scene in the Twin Cities and wouldn't change it for the world. To keep our favorite shops, art centers, and restaurants in town, we support them by visiting and shopping there.

Supporting our residential businesses, shops, and galleries is one of the best ways to shape the community we want to live in and celebrate its character. Chain stores and restaurants aren't likely to go anywhere without your support, but if you don't shop at a local business you want to stay – they might not. Shopping local helps ensure that the character in your area is rich and thriving!

If you haven't spent much time in your community yet, a great place to start is at fairs and festivals. You'll get a diverse sampling of businesses that support your community and a chance to participate and help your city thrive economically.

#2 Local Bucks for Local Stuff

Speaking of the local economy, did you know one of the best reasons to buy local is because small businesses do? They stock local products, use local services, and provide local jobs through their business. And the best part? After a day's work, the owners and staff are more likely to shop where they live and continue to pour into the economy through their everyday lives. When you shop at chain stores, minimal amounts of that revenue go back into the local economy compared to the businesses in your neighborhood.

If you want to pour more into our local economy, look for local replacements to fill the gap where you shop at chain stores. Look for a grocery store near by, find shops you can count on for neat gifts to give for birthdays and holidays (like macarons) and get to know your neighborhood mechanic. The odds are that when you support those businesses, you will get better products and services because the owners highly value your business.

#3 Local Cares About Local

Because they live local, they love local and contribute to community programs, charities, and causes by dedicating volunteer time, donations, and spreading awareness.

Chain stores rarely touch community-specific needs because they work across too many communities to dedicate to them all. But because small businesses are residential, they are motivated to help improve and support their area.

If you like to shop local, tell us in the comments what businesses you support. And if you're looking for more local businesses to try, here are some of our favorites that we love to work with: Here's The Deal Spice Co, No Milk Espresso, Num Nuts, P&TY Granola and Muddy Mouth Cards. And of course, you're welcome at our shop anytime!