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3 Tips for Giving a Great, Long Distance Gift

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 1st Mar 2021

Giving a gift is a very personal event. Everyone likes watching a loved one open a present, seeing them smile, and getting a big 'thank you' hug. But what about when you can't give a gift in person? Watching someone open presents over Zoom helps a bit, but there are ways to make the gift itself even more personal. Here are three top tips for how to make a long distance gift more personal so your loved ones can feel how much you care even when you can't be together in person.

Give Something Handmade

There's something unique about handmade gifts. You can feel the time, energy, and care that goes into them. Grandma's cookies always taste better than store-bought, and it's because of more than just the ingredients. Knowing that someone spent the time to craft something with care makes it feel more special. When you can't give a homemade present, send something handmade from a local business or Etsy shop instead. The time and care the artisan put into the gift will make it feel that much more personal.

Send a Handwritten Note

Texts and emails help bridge the distance gap, but they don't fix it. After reading a dozen work emails and other texts every day, there's still a personal touch missing. When you send a gift, take the time to write out a note by hand. Studies have shown that after the tech boom, most people think that handwriting feels more personal. If you have trouble with words, don't worry. Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • Say hi, let them know that you're sending the gift because you're thinking about them, and tell them you love them.
  • Embrace short and sweet. Writing the note out by hand makes the message feel so much more personal that you don't need as many words.
  • Lots of people keep handwritten notes and cards as keepsakes, so feel free to aim for #timeless instead of super-specific.

Give the Gift of You

When it comes down to it, your loved ones just want more time with you, especially if you live apart. When they get the gift, give them a call, tell them how much you love them, and enjoy the conversation. The most memorable part of any gift is you.

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