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3 Top Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Graduation Party (with Less Hassel)

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 5th May 2021

One more month and it will be graduation season! A graduation party is a great way to celebrate this huge milestone, but sometimes planning and executing the party can be overwhelming. Fear not! To help you throw a memorable party without going crazy, here are our three top tips for an unforgettable graduation bash!

#1: All Hail Finger Food!

Open houses are infamous for being 'standing room only.' Whether grandparents are occupying couches in the living room or you simply don't have enough lawn chairs for your backyard get-together, most of us are prepared to do a lot of standing. That works well for almost everything, but eating can be a struggle. Sure, sloppy joes are easy to make for a crowd but have you ever eaten one single-handed while standing up? It's not a pretty sight.

Instead, go with mobile finger food that's easier to manage one-handed. Try ham and cheese sliders or pre-wrapped burritos for the main course.

Instead of cake without a table to eat it on, get a macaron tower with already bite-sized macarons that guests can take and walk with easily. Everyone will love these fan favorites, and you won't have spilled cake or sloppy joe on the lawn.

#2: When in Doubt, Order Out.

It's tempting to save a few bucks and make all of the food yourself for the party. But when you have enough people coming, not only are you feeding the masses, but you're cleaning up after them too. When you can, get some or all of your food options catered for easy setup and clean-up. There are plenty of great places that offer self-serve, affordable buffet options so your guests can grab what they want.

If they're anything like us, your vendor would deliver the food and set it up on your designated spot. After the party, throw away or recycle the disposable items and give the sustainable items back to the caterer. Say goodbye to that mile-high stack of dishes post-party!

#3: Double-Up Food + Decor

It's important to make a graduation party memorable and personal to the graduate. Childhood pictures on a slide show or a poster board is a given, but what else can you do to make the day memorable?

Order a custom macaron tower in the colors of your graduate's favorite sports team or the college they're attending next year. If you want to go a step further, we can print pictures, logos, or phrases on the macarons, too! "Congrats, Kelly!" or "Beth, Class of 21'" or "Peter is college bound!" for example. Your guests won't forget the extra flair, and neither will your graduate! These are hand crafted in our macaron bakery in Plymouth, Minnesota.

We hope these top tips helped make your party planning easier! If you want macarons at your graduation party, reach out to us at 651.334.8821 or info@nikkolettesmacarons.com

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