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8 Macaron Flavors Perfect for Summer!

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 1st Jun 2022

It's summertime, and that means Summer Macaron Flavors! Whether it's for a summer wedding reception, Fourth of July party, graduation party, or other fun under the sun, we get asked what flavors we recommend for summer events all of the time. Luckily for us, Nikkolette gets the itch to make some special flavors of macarons perfect for summer every year.

Whether you just want a little taste of summer or are looking for macaron flavors for your next event, this list will have you covered!

1.   Mixed Berry Macarons: This flavor brings all of your favorite sweet and tart tastes together into one berry tasty macaron. Just like all of our cookies, these are made with real, all-natural ingredients, so they taste like the real deal. Bring them as a hostess gift for an evening summer party, and they'll disappear.

2.   Lemon Macarons: 'Girl's just wanna have sun' and lemonade! Luckily, we have our best lemon-flavored macaron available year-round at both locations, so you can always have a lemon-y cookie for your summer fun. Bring a box of these to the beach for a bit of fun in the sun, and you'll stay refreshed.

3.   Strawberry Guava Macarons: You're missing out if you haven't tasted a strawberry guava before. These macarons (like the real fruit we use to make them) have a sweet, floral flavor that tastes like strawberries and roses. If you're having an outdoor summer wedding reception, they're the perfect flavor choice.

4.   Lavender Macarons: These fresh and floral cookies are perfect for a tea time event or a cottage core-styled picnic. The best part is that we have this flavor year-round, so you can come and get them whenever you like!

5.   Kir Royal Macarons: Class up your summer with a blackberry and champagne macaron. The sweet blackberries complement the velvety tones of the champagne and taste very luxurious. This flavor is perfect for a black-tie wedding event or a patio party downtown.

6.   Pina Colada Macarons: If you like getting caught in the rain, this is the summer flavor for you! The pineapple, coconut, and rum flavors work perfectly together. This macaron is for you if you're throwing a backyard barbeque or summer bachelorette party!

7.   Mango Macarons: Get the best of sweet and tropical tastes with our mango flavor! These are perfect for poolside so bring a box of these to share with friends during a pool party.

8.   Strawberry Shortcake Macarons: Taste the creamy white chocolate gauche in the middle of two sweet strawberry flavored cookies. We love these for bridal and baby showers because of the beautiful pink color and sweet taste. We have this flavor on hand year-round, so you can have one whenever you like!

Nikkolette likes to make these and other flavors during the summer, so keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram, or visit one of our 2 Minneapolis area macaron stores!

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