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9 Halloween Party Ideas to Make Your Evening Spooktacular

9 Halloween Party Ideas to Make Your Evening Spooktacular

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 3rd Oct 2022

Halloween Parties are the best! You get to dress up as whoever (or whatever) you want for a night, scare your friends, get scared yourself, and see little kids in the funny costumes their parents picked out. What could be more entertaining? Other than… entertaining!

Hosting on Halloween is a great chance to have an on-theme party even if you aren’t a decorator extraordinaire. All you need for a party is spooky themed décor, games, and food. Check out our 9 spooktacular party ideas to put together a legendary evening.

Get Some Killer Décor

  • Antique Candle Sticks: This is the perfect time to pull out anything old and use it to create an extra spooky feel to your home. About 2 hours before your guests arrive, put out the sticks and light some cream, red, or black candles. The time will allow them to get all melty and drip wax over the sticks to make them look cool and creepy.
  • Spider webs: The mere idea of giant spiders is enough to get anyone on edge, so lets make your house look like it’s a giant spider’s web! Start with a ball of white yard. Pulled strands apart into thinner webbing to create spider webs that you can use the dress up your front door, dining table, and more. If you’re having trouble making them keep their shape, use a little hair spray and lightly use your fingers to pat down the strands.
  • Eyes floating in the punch bowl: This one is super easy and a big crowd pleaser! Go online and order plastic eyeballs, make sure to clean them with dish soap and warm water, and then plop them in your punch bowl.

Play Some Goblin Games

  • Bring back boding for apples: So many of us know about bobbing for apples but never got to try it even though it’s a great fall party game. Get a large bin that can hold water, fill it up, and wait to drop the apples in until your guests arrive so they don’t get too soft. Have an empty basket next to it. Set a 30 sec timer for each bobber and whoever gets the most apples in that time wins! (Tip: buy a BUNCH of apples so you can replace the ones in the tank every time someone takes one out with their mouth so no ones bites into the same ones to keep things sanitary.)
  • Halloween Dictionary: Play this almost exactly like the usual Dictionary Game but instead ask questions like, “How did Halloween start?” “How were mummies created?” Have everyone write their answers on paper and then vote on who had the most creative answer. The person at the end with the most fun answers wins!
  • Human Clue: Have each of your guests write down their name, a household item, and location on the property (kitchen, porch, etc). Put all of the names in one hat, items in another, and locations in another. Everyone should pick one of each. Their goal by the end of the party is to get the person whose name they drew their item in the location they drew. The only person who wasn’t given an item wins!

Eat Some Disguised Dinner

  • Witches Brew Punch: Its amazing what adding lime sherbet to punch does! Not only is it tasty but it gives the punch a great green color like in a witches cauldron. Toss in those eyeballs from the Killer Décor section and you have the perfect party drink.
  • Mummy Brie: This one is easy and tasty! Wrap a brie in strips of puff pastry to make it look like a mummy and then bake! Set it out on a cutting board with crackers and you will have a great on theme appetizer.
  • Monster Macarons: Now for our favorite (for obvious reasons) Monster Macarons. Every party needs dessert, and while candy is a great staple on Halloween, its nice to have something more refined and on theme. We can print almost any picture or words onto your macarons so they match your spooky evening. Get a bunch of little gravestones with your guests’ names on them or adorable bats. Custom order some of Nikkolette’s chocolate drizzled monsters or request a custom flavor! There are endless possibilities with macarons and the best part is? They’re gluten free so all of your guests will love them. They are made from scratch in our commercial macaron kitchen in Plymouth, Minnesota. 

Halloween Macarons in Minneapolis