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9 Occasions for Custom Printed Macarons

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 7th Apr 2022

We see customers do all sorts of creative things when they order custom macarons. Since we can print directly on the cookie and change the colors and flavors, we get so many fun requests! Here are nine events perfect for custom macarons:

  • 1.  Baby or Bridal Showers

Surprise the bride or mother to be with an adorable dessert personalized to them. For the brides, get their wedding date, new last name, or new initials printed on the macaron in their wedding colors! For the mother-to-be, get blue and pink macarons with little baby footprints on them.

  • 2.  Wedding

There's nothing better than a wedding dessert that doubles as décor! Whether it's little macaron gift boxes for every guest or a macaron tower at your dessert table, we can use your wedding colors and add a little message for your guests. Use the bride and groom's names and wedding date or say, "Thank you for coming!" on macaron party favors.

  • 3.  Mother's and Father's Day

Are your parents hard to shop for? Spoil them a little with a "Happy Mothers/Fathers Day!" gift box of macarons. It's the perfect gift to show you care.

  • 4.  Client Gifts

Go the extra mile to celebrate your client's milestones with a little gift box of macarons! Add your logo on one cookie and "Happy Anniversary" or "Congratulations!" on the other. Click "Add Note" at check out, and we'll include a handwritten note for that personal touch.

  • 5.  Themed Party

Whether it's a costume party, game night, or a birthday party, there are dozens of ways to add a little fun flair to your theme. Once, we had a group get cookies with cartoons of dice on them for their big game night!

  • 6.  Pregnancy Announcement

Tell your friends and family the big news with macarons! Nonchalantly bring some macarons to share for dinner together and see their faces light up when they open the box and see "We're Pregnant!" printed on the cookies.

  • 7.  Surprise Party

People love surprise parties because it says that you've been thinking about them. Show them you thought ahead with a mini macaron tower full of cookies with their name, favorite sports team, or text with the reason that you're celebrating them.

  • 8.  Baby Gender Reveal

Send us a note of the gender, order some white macarons with blue and pink filling with the words "Girl or Boy?" on them, and we'll send a special gift box of blue or pink macarons to open for the reveal!

  • 9.  Office Party

Celebrate a holiday or company milestone together with a tower of macarons complete with your logo! Or, give each of your employees a gift box of macarons with a short message thanking them for their service.

What is a creative way to customize macarons for your next occasion? Tell us on social media or order some for your event!

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