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Four Top Tips for Making Your Bridesmaid Proposal Memorable

Four Top Tips for Making Your Bridesmaid Proposal Memorable

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 5th Feb 2023

So you’ve got your guy and now you need your girls! There’s something magical about being proposed to by the one you love, and we know all of your closest friends are waiting on pins and needles to be your bridesmaid! At Nikkolette’s Macarons, we know a thing or two about making this moment special since we work with brides regularly to make "Will you be my bridesmaid?" macaron gift boxes for proposing to their bridal party.

To help you make the moment special, here are our 4 top tips for asking your bridesmaids to stand with you on the big day!

Tip #1: Tell them in person.

Who says you can only go out with your fiancé? Set up a one-on-one girl’s night with each of your bridesmaids to be. Going out together to your favorite coffee place, restaurant, or haunt will feel so much more special than a text or call. Unless your girl is from out of state, meet up in person so you can squeal and dance with joy together!

Tip #2: Give them a gift.

Just like how your engagement ring is a sign of your fiancé’s affection, a gift tells your bridesmaids how much you care about them and that you put thought into who you want standing with you on the big day. However, not just any gift will make the cut. While no one gets upset about receiving a gift card, it also isn’t an exciting or particularly thoughtful gift.

We find that bridesmaids love receiving macaron gift boxes because it’s a very on theme gift that is clearly personalized to the proposal! It isn’t only a tasty, luxurious treat, but its also a unique way of popping the second most important question.

Tip #3: Make the MOH feel special.

Your Maid of Honor deserves some extra recognition for being your wedding bestie. It’s not just standing closest to you, but its also about being your biggest support through the wedding planning process and helping you on the big day. An extra special person deserves an extra special gift. Add a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers and a heartfelt card to show her gift to show that extra bit of love.

Make sure you when order her macaron gift box you that click our “Will you be my Maid of Honor?” option!

Tip #4: Don’t forget the rest of your wedding party!

There are more people in your wedding party than just the bridesmaids! You can also have a Matron of Honor and Personal Attendant! We have options at check out for asking them with macarons too so that every member of your bridal party gets a tasty treat.

Is your bridal party going the nontraditional route with a guy friend standing on your side? Make sure to keep that in mind for his bridal party proposal gift! Instead of pink and white, choose white and blue macarons and ask us to print “Will you stand with me on the big day?” instead to keep it gender neutral!

If you’re ready to ask your bridesmaids to join the wedding party, head to our online store to pick out your macaron gifts and ask them with a luxurious treat!  We ship nationwide or you can pick up at our macaron bakery in Plymouth or St. Paul, Minnesota.

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