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How Classy Client Gifts Make a Lasting Impression with Ted Bougie of BAM

How Classy Client Gifts Make a Lasting Impression with Ted Bougie of BAM

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 9th Aug 2022

This month, we talked to a long term client of ours, Ted Bougie of Best Advantage Mortgage, about his experience with giving macaron gift boxes to his clients.

BAM helps their clients buy homes, refinance or consolidate debt, and finance home improvement projects and upgrades. As a Minnesapolis-based business with more than 15 years of experience, Ted and his team know that having a personal touch with their clients is the key to success. Let’s see what he has to say about how a personalized client gift can help your business stand out!

So Ted, what made you decide to start giving client gifts?

“When people are in the middle of a move, everything is so chaotic and their stuff is boxed up. In the chaos, I’m trying to stick out. The problem is, when they’re in the middle of a move, the last thing they need is more stuff.

“We’re in a green world, or a world that’s trying to trend green, so people don’t want another mug or Tervis tumbler. So instead, I decided to give them something memorable and classy without giving them more junk.”

Why did you pick Nikkolette’s Macarons?

“I knew Nikkolette from a networking group I was in during the start of COVID in 2020. My business had a massive change because we couldn’t go to closings in person anymore. What was I suppose to do to stick out if I couldn’t be there and meet my client’s in person?! I needed something different and macarons are very different.

“The fact she could put my logo on them and ship them for me was awesome. Now I could stick out without needing to be at closing.

“When buyers go to a new home, someone always brings them a bottle of bubbly. Whether the sellers leave it behind, their realtor gets it for them, or a family friend gives it to congratulate them, almost every buyer gets at least one bottle and macarons taste wonderful with champagne. It’s a great way to send an unexpected gift that still goes with traditions.”

What is the process for sending a macaron gift box to your client?

“Since I do this a lot, its really easy. I just send Nikkolette’s Macarons an email saying I have a new order, give her the name and address, and a little something to say on the note. She even signs the note from which one of my brokers worked on the deal so its extra personal.

“Her team puts together my usual order, handwrites the note, and sends it off to my clients. They keep my client’s information private too. They never save the information or market to the list of people I send the gift boxes too so I know I can trust them.”

How have your clients reacted after getting a macaron gift box?

“Oh they love it. Clients always say how classy and sophisticated they are. I get tons of pictures from clients of them eating macarons and sharing them with their family. Its classy, green, and makes me stick out.”

Would you recommend other business owners give clients gifts at big milestones?

“If you want an opportunity to make a lasting impression and stand out to your client, there is no better way to do that than giving your clients a gift.

“Yes, there is a cost, but its so beneficial I make sure there is always room for macaron gift boxes in my budget.”