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Macarons are the Best Customized Gift to Give Your Friends and We Can Prove It

Macarons are the Best Customized Gift to Give Your Friends and We Can Prove It

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 3rd Nov 2022

At a certain age, it gets difficult to find the perfect gift for everybody. More than ever, people are just buying what they want throughout the year, and after you’ve been friends for long enough, odds are that you’ve already used your creative gifting muscles and you’re running out of options.

So, you turn to custom gifts, but those are difficult too. Custom amazon gifts seem okay, but they aren’t as high quality as something you would find on Etsy. However, ordering and shipping on Etsy can be a bit of a gamble. On top of all of that, does your friend really want another mug with their name on it? Really?

Enter our favorite French delicacy, the macaron!

In addition to creating custom colors and packaging, we have a special printer in our Minneapolis macaron kitchen that allows us to print edible text and images directly onto our macarons! We can do black and white or color depending on the image. Between our core 16 flavors and holiday flavors, the options are nearly endless! And, because our macarons are gluten-free and made with all natural ingredients, all your friends can enjoy them! (Unless they have a nut allergy. Buy that friend the custom Etsy mug.)

Most custom shops will have very limited options, only letting you add a name or their initials to shake things up. For macarons, you get to choose what we print so you’re not limited! To prove it, here are five awesome ideas for images you can print on macarons to give your friends this holiday season.

#1: What are they a fan of?

We love our nerds at Nikkolette’s Macarons. Figure out what your friend’s favorite movie, book, or TV show is and we can make a custom set of cookies to match that theme! Print the crests of the four houses in Harry Potter or each color of light saber from the Star Wars franchise.

#2: Feature Their Pets!

We all love our furry friends. Upload a picture of their favorite pet to a Silhouette Maker app, download the silhouette, and send it to us to print it on the macarons! Add another macaron with the pets name, a few paw print pictures and BAM! You have a great gift.

#3: What important events have happened recently?

Are your friends celebrating a special birthday? We can print, “Happy 21st (30th, 60th, etc) Birthday, David!” on the cookies. Maybe they are celebrating the next step in their career like a new job or passing an industry exam. “Congrats on Passing the Bar, Cassie!” printed out on macarons is a thoughtful and tasty message that your friends will love!

#4: What do they like to do?

We all have a hobby that holds our heart and love it when others recognize it. Whether your friend has a sport they love or a favorite pass time like assembling puzzles or playing a board games, find a cute cartoon or picture that relates to that hobby! Once we has a group of Dungeons and Dragons players print dice onto their macarons. The options are endless!

#5: Mix it up with sticker apps!

Try out a free design app like Canva and look at their stickers. Type in the name of whatever your friend loves and tons of options will pop up to get the juices flowing!

If you’d like to make a custom macaron order, head to our website! All we need to know are the flavors you want, the images you want to print, and whether you want to pick up your order locally in Minnesota or use our nationwide shipping!

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