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Minnesota Bride Tells Us About Her Experience with Nikkolette's Macarons

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 4th Oct 2021

We sat down with one of our recent brides to ask what her experience was like having a macaron tower at her Minneapolis wedding!

Krista and Shane had a backyard wedding with 100 people at the beginning of September 2021 to celebrate their marriage in April 2020. "We didn't get to celebrate with our friends and families when we first got married, so when we finally got to plan a wedding, we wanted everything to be perfect."

How did you get started with Nikkolette?

"I reached out through email to tell her our date and rough guest count, and everything took off from there. Since we had a smaller, outdoor wedding, she gave us some great varied options to choose from: a full macaron tower, a mini-tower, even a big tower with fewer macarons and some flowers sprinkled in. She had half a dozen ideas for what we could do to make our guest to dessert ratio work for us."

Why did you pick macarons for your dessert?

"Shane and I love breakfast for dinner, so we got a big breakfast buffet for the reception. Since we already had pancakes and scones, it was going to be a carb-heavy meal. A cake would've felt like way too much, so we wanted a sweet bite that wasn't too heavy people could just go grab and keep dancing!"

How did you pick your colors and flavors?

"We have so many favorite flavors from the shop it was hard to narrow down what we wanted. Nikkolette helped us pick what went best with breakfast! Almond, raspberry chocolate, and caramel cappuccino! When we realized the almond flavor's usual teal color didn't work for our color theme, Nikkolette told us she could make them in a beautiful off-white, and it worked perfectly!"

Was there anything special about your event you had to work around?

"One of our biggest hurdles was fitting 100 people in a backyard. To have enough space, certain tables had to be multipurpose. Our gift table was doubling as a dessert table, and we didn't have any space inside the house to put the macaron tower until the gift table transitioned, so we felt a bit stuck. When Nikkolette offered to deliver and set it up, it was a no-brainer. I emailed her the details, the drop-off time, address, and where the dessert table was. Everything went off without a hitch. One minute there were gifts on the table, and by the time I turned around, a beautiful macaron tower was ready to enjoy!"

What did your guests think about the macarons?

"Most of my guests had never seen a macaron tower before or weren't familiar with the dessert in general. Once everyone tried them, we got swarmed with questions and compliments! Even our DJ loved them. We had a few extra at the end of the night, and he said, 'I'd be my daughter's hero if I brought some of these home.' Later that week, he reached out asking where he could get more because his wife and little girls were obsessed! I had so many calls and texts after the wedding asking where to get the infamous macarons. Luckily, birthday and holiday gifts just got easier to buy because now all of my guests are addicted to macarons."

Did you have any leftovers?

"Barely, they were a big hit. Nikkolette had a good recommendation for how many we needed for our guest count. We ordered a little extra because we wanted leftovers. We just put them in the freezer at the end of the night and enjoyed them for the next few weeks! I dipped the caramel cappuccino ones in my coffee every morning until they were gone. We even pulled some out for dessert when we had friends over a week later, and they still tasted fresh!"

Do you have any recommendations for brides wanting to work with Nikkolette?

"If you aren't sure how many you need or have a flavor profile for your meal you don't know how to match, Nikkolette will have some great suggestions for you – she even offered to make us custom flavors. Honestly, when we didn't know what to do, we talked to her about it, and she always had great suggestions. Her experience shows, so tell her what you're thinking, and she'll know what to do."

Thank you, Krista, for taking the time to talk to us about your experience, and congratulations on your marriage! Krista also wrote a review on The Knot. Click on this link if you want to see more about her and other brides' experiences! https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/nikkolettes-macarons-plymouth-mn-972528

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