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The Ultimate Valentine's Day Card Cheat Sheet

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 1st Feb 2022

So you've bought your macaron gift box but you don't know what to write on the card! Sometimes, the longer we know someone, the harder it is to write something meaningful in their Valentine's Day card. But, don't worry, we're here to help!

Something Romantic

Not every romantic gesture has to be a huge moment. Sometimes, it's the quiet, soft moments that we treasure forever. So here are three things you can add to your Valentines Day card to make it one for the scrapbooks:

  1. Talk about how you met. This is an oldy but a goody. Reflect on what you felt when you first met. Was there an instant connection? Tell them something like, "Even when we met, I knew how much you'd mean to me someday." No sparks at first sight? Adapt the same romantic sentiment to say, "When we met, I had no idea just how much you'd grow to mean to me, and I feel so lucky to have met you."
  2. Gush about their everyday selves. Deep down, we all want to hear that our everyday self is loveable. So mention how much you love their hugs, how thankful you are for their support in your hobbies or career, or how when they do X just so it makes you melt. Every time they do that thing now, they'll remember how much you love them.
  3. Tell them you're proud to be their partner. Let's face it, you think they're extraordinary and feel lucky to be with them. Tell them that and tell them why! List 3 or 4 things that make you feel proud to be their partner. They'll love it!

For Long distance

Long-distance relationships are always hard, but they feel harder on holidays, especially one centered around romance. Send them a box of macarons with our nationwide shipping and a beautiful card to make their day. Here are a few things you could say:

  1. Reflect on your last visit. Talk about something wonderful that happened last time you saw them in person. Maybe a date, a silly accident you both laughed over, or how happy it made you when you picked them up from the airport.
  2. Look to the future. Mention something you're looking forward to when you see them next. Tell them about the big hug you'll give them, the movie you want to watch together, the dinner date you want to take them on, or how excited you are to do your shared hobby together in person soon.
  3. Remind them it's worth the wait. Tell them how long-distance has felt so worth it because you love them so much.

Just Friends

Saint Valentine may have had lovers in mind, but no one can deny that the love of true friendship is strong as ever. Tell your friend how much you appreciate them with these three ideas:

  1. Talk about your shared hobby. If a common interest brought you together, tell them you appreciate having someone fun to share it with and how thankful you are to have them.
  2. Recant an old, fun memory. If there's a story you often tell about them to others, tell it to them in the card. Mention that one time they helped you out, the fun you had in college, or the moment you knew they were your dearest friend.
  • Be punny! Seriously, Google "Puns about (insert your shared interest here)" and find something corny. Making your friend laugh is one of the best feelings ever, and they'll appreciate the new inside joke with you.

From everyone at Nikkolette's Macarons, thank you for being our Valentine every year. We hope you have a very romantic month and we'll see you at our new macaron store soon at 919 Dale St N, St Paul, MN 55103!