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Top Four Must-Haves for Your Dinner Party

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 2nd Nov 2021

Temperatures are falling with the leaves, so it's time to take our cook-outs indoors and start hosting some dinner parties. We've put together a list of must-haves you need to host a party everyone will love. Spoiler: You can creatively use macarons for all of these.

1. Easy Grab Food Options

While having a flexible entree that people can make to their preference, like serving chili with optional toppings or having a build your own taco bar, it helps not to make guests need to scoop everything they eat. Instead, get sides and desserts that are easy to grab as a single-serving. For example, try making cornbread muffins instead of a pan and get macarons for dessert, so it's easy to just grab a few and keep chatting.

2. Centerpiece

Nothing pulls a room together visually like a centerpiece. For Thanksgiving, we see horns of plenty and paper turkeys on tables to pull the room together. But you can do whatever you like for your dinner party! Pick up some flowers to toss in a vase or put some colorful macarons on a decorative plate on a cake stand. It will pull the room's look together and make your party feel like it has a theme without too much effort!

3. Talking Piece

Whether your guests are old friends, acquaintances, or meeting for the first time, it helps to have an ice breaker topic to get the conversation going. An intriguing decorative piece or party theme helps, but we've got an easy one for you: macarons. Since these are rare and luxurious treats, people tend to talk about them when they see them. Since it’s a French treat, we often see people start conversations about travel or other goodies they’ve found in the Twin Cities too.

4. Dessert

We don't get dessert every day, but we wish we did. So we save it for special occasions. A dinner party is the perfect special occasion to get to indulge in dessert, and it's disappointing if there isn't any. So, pick something festive, with autumn flavors, or something most people haven’t tried before, like a macaron.

Sneaky blog, all of these things involve macarons. Well, of course they do. We are an expert macaron bakery in Minneapolis. It's not our fault that macarons are multi-purpose. If anything, we've provided a list of four essentials that can all be pulled off by just one purchase. You're welcome. 

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