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What to Write in Your Mother's and Father's Day Cards

3rd May 2022

Mother's Day is almost here (on May 8th for anyone who just started to panic), with Father's Day close behind on June 19th! Even the most prepared person, who pre-ordered their macaron gift box ready for pick up and already bought a Muddy Mouth card, has a difficult choice to make every year: what do I write in the card?

We've all written a ton of mothers and fathers day cards in our lifetime, so after awhile we don't always know what to say. Once again, we're here to help! Here is our cheat sheet for the 5 top things you should mention in your card to let your parents know you love them:

1.  Recall a Happy Memory

Whether it happened in the last week or the last decade, parents love it when you remind them of an enjoyable time together. It lets them know that you think about them even when they aren't around.

2.  Reflect on a Lesson Learned

Over our lives, parents teach us a lot—everything from our first steps to how to apply for our first job. Even if we don't always think about it, we learned most of the things we do from our parents. Pick a skill, talent, or good habit you have that your parent taught you. Tell them how often you use it in your life and that you appreciate it was something they took the time to teach you.

3.  Be Proud of Your Parent

Parents focus on their kids most of the time, so being recognized as individuals goes a long way to making them happy. Tell your mom or dad that you admire something about them. Tell them you admire how great they are at their favorite hobby or that you notice how kind they are to strangers. Recognize them for something they are good at that doesn't have to do with being a parent but focuses on just celebrating who they are. Then, thank them for being a good example of doing what they love, being kind, or whatever you appreciate about them.

4.  Recognize Their Supportiveness

Thank them for supporting you. Whether it's how they cheered you on in sports as a kid, helped you celebrate a new job, or listened to your troubles on a hard day, tell them you notice how supportive they are and that you appreciate it.

5.  Ask to Spend Time Together

Ultimately, parents just want to spend more time with their kids, especially their adult children. Think of an event or hobby you have enjoyed together in the past, or even a café you both enjoy visiting. Ask them to go there with you again soon because you'd like to spend more time one-on-one with them. They'll love you for it.

At the heart of it, your parents want to know you think of them fondly. It's not about getting the words right. It's about showing them how much you care with your words (and a tasty box of French macarons.) 

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