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What’s in Store for Our Favorite Minneapolis Food Truck?

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 4th Aug 2021

We've had a great couple of months exploring Minneapolis with our vintage Nikkolette's Macarons truck. To celebrate, we sat down with Nikkolette to ask about her about what it's like to run the truck and what’s next!

What has been your favorite thing about getting the truck?

People flock to it as soon as they see it. It's just intriguing, having a vintage truck with all the beautiful colors! Plus, who isn't curious about trying authentic French macarons?

What surprised you most with having the truck?

Lots of people recognize us when we go out. Some people haven't had the chance to visit our storefront yet, so they get pretty excited when they see us around Minneapolis. Our truck team mentions all the time how people are thrilled to get a little surprise dessert in their day while they're out and about on the weekends.

Where is your favorite place to park the truck so far?

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden has been a great place to meet tourists and locals alike! We get to have some of the best conversations with people who stop by the truck there. They pick up macarons, we get to tell them some more great places to go around the city, and it's overall just a great time.

How do you prepare to go out for a day with the truck?

The day before, we prepackage four macarons in assorted flavors. Everything we sell is safely sealed in our commercial kitchen, so nothing touches the macarons on the truck until customers open them. We make sure they’re just as fresh off the food truck as they are in our store.

People really seem to love the truck. Have you thought about using it for events?

We do events with the truck already! People can have us come for a few hours for corporate event, weddings, graduations, pretty much anything to bring tasty macarons to everyone. The cute vintage look works with so many wedding themes. Brides just love it!

That's great! Anything fun coming up in the food truck's future?

We have lots of exciting things coming up! Starting the second weekend in September through the end of October, we're going to be at Severs Fall Festival every weekend. We're pretty jazzed to be next to the biggest corn maze in Minnesota. It'll be great to join the family fun!

If you want to have our food truck at your event, reach out at 651.334.8821 or info@nikkolettesmacarons.com. Keep an eye out on our social media, too! We frequently post with updates about where we'll be next!

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