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Why Party Favors Make or Break Your Company Holiday Party

Why Party Favors Make or Break Your Company Holiday Party

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 5th Sep 2022

When you have to think about catering, a guest list, and a venue, it might seem like party favors are lower on the list of priority when planning your companies holiday party. But really, it should be one of the most important purchases you make.

For the average event, party favors are a ‘thank you for coming’ sort of gift, but at a company party, it means so much more. A good party favor is a gift that thanks your staff for another year of dedication to your company. Whether this party is one of the few times everyone is together after working remotely or your staff transitioned back into the office this year, it's important to recognize their hard work with a gift that stands out and says, “You are valued and appreciated.”

Have you ever seen someone at the gym in a white t-shirt with a logo on it? Or seen half a dozen assorted company mugs in the cabinets of a friend’s house? Those are America’s most common company party favors and everyone gets at least a dozen in their life time. The gifts don’t stand out or say ‘we appreciate you’ as much as ‘we got you an average gift because its expected.’

We’re here to help you send a more meaningful message to your employees, with macaron gift boxes. Why macarons? We’re so glad you asked.

Reason #1: Unique and Luxurious

Macarons take skill and special ingredients to make, so they aren’t very common. Especially when they are made with all natural ingredients like Nikkolette’s Macarons. Your staff likely haven’t received such a high quality, tasty, and luxurious food before. Eating a macaron is an experience in itself and will be the talk of the office on Monday morning!

Reason #2: Trending Green

Goodwill, the garage, and the garbage are all filled to the brim with random logo encrusted items. When it comes time to clean out the junk drawer or things you don’t need, the first things to go are assorted SWAG (or ‘stuff we all get’) from the last company party or conference. There is a better, greener way to give a gift: give them something they can eat. Your gift will help minimize waste by keeping others from accumulating more junk in their homes while also increasing your businesses reputation for being considerate to the earth.

Reason #3: Highly customizable

Our macarons can come in almost any flavor and color profile you want. Looking for a tasty eggnog and chocolate mint holiday flavors or would your staff like something more exotic like pina colada? Just talk to Nikkolette and she’d be happy to explore new flavors with you.

And speaking of colors, we can make the cookies your company colors and even print your company logo on them so everything is still on brand. Even better, we can print messages too. Add your staffers name to their individual box or how many years they’ve been with the company. You can get creative and choose different colors and flavors for each department, too. The possibilities are practically endless!

Reason #4: Special Employee Recognition and Games

Recognize your most dedicated staff with bigger custom boxes or purchase them a Macaron of the Month Club subscription. Use it to thank Margie, the CEOs secretary of 20 years, for her long dedication to the company. Every month, we’ll send her macarons with a handwritten note signed from your company so she gets consistent reminders of your appreciation. It will be the envy of the office!

Or, use the subscription as a prize! Raffles and small contests are a big part of a good holiday party that gets your employees engage in the event so you want a prize everyone wishes they had.

Reason #5: Gluten-Free and All-Natural

Going gluten-free as a healthy lifestyle choice has become very popular, so you want to make sure there is a GF option in whatever food you serve. Luckily, macarons are naturally gluten-free and taste even better than most wheat products so all of your guests can enjoy this tasty treat guilt free!

If you are ready to bring your companies holiday party to the next level, reach out us through 651.334.8821 or info@nikkolettesmacarons.com and we’ll help you order your standout macaron gift boxes. We ship nationwide or you can pick them up in one of our 2 Minnesota macaron stores.

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