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Top 5 Gifts to Send in College Student Care Packages

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 9th Sep 2021

For some students, this is their first time living away from home is as a college freshman. For others, it's just another year in the dorms. Either way, nothing makes a homesick student feel more loved than receiving a care package. We have a whole blog on some great gift tips and why long-distance gifts matter (https://www.nikkolettesmacarons.com/blog/3-tips-for-giving-a-great-long-distance-gift/ ), so today we're going to talk about the best gifts to give that college student of yours!

  • 1 - Printed Pictures

Find some fun family, download pictures of them and their friends from social media, and even take a few current pictures to send. Not only is it an excellent, physical memory they can keep forever, but picture collages make great wall décor for dorms.

  • 2 - Laundry Supplies

Odds are, your student has never been entirely in charge of their own laundry before. So make sure they are well-stocked in dryer sheets, stain remover, detergent, and quarters. Better yet, write down a few laundry tips for separating colors and water temperature for washing their favorite sweater.

  • 3 - School Supplies

Even in this digital age, every student needs some school supplies. Notebooks, cute pens, post-it notes, and bookmarks for textbooks are a great addition to any care package! Bonus points if you find any of these things in their favorite colors, sports teams, or cute designs your student would enjoy. Keep them stocked as often as possible to help them avoid the student store and keep them thinking of you.

  • 4 - A Handwritten Letter

Texts and emails help close the distance, but neither are as personal as a handwritten note. Even a simple note just letting them know you're thinking about them and hoping they are doing well makes for a timeless keepsake. If they have something big coming up, like an important exam or internship, mention that too and be encouraging.

  • 5 - Send Little Luxuries

If you don't have the time to gather all of these items and ship them yourself, you can still send a little care package of macarons to show your student you care. Take five minutes on our website to send them a macaron gift box in their favorite flavors with a handwritten note. We put everything together, write your message on a cute notecard, and ship it nationwide for you. Or you can pick them up in our macaron bakeries in Saint Paul and Plymouth, Minnesota.

Remember that when you're missing them, they are missing you too. So come back to this list whenever you need ideas for little, thoughtful things to send that can make your student's day.

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