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Top 8 French Desserts

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 16th Jun 2021

Whether it's haute cuisine or simply bread and cheese, France has long been intertwined with the culinary arts. Various types of Champagne and wine were devised in France, as were numerous complex entrées. France has something for your sweet tooth, too, with a long history of tasty desserts. Thi …

Why We Love Food Trucks and You Should Too

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 3rd Jun 2021

We can't wait to see everybody with Nikkolette's Macarons new food truck rolling out this summer! It's no secret that food trucks are amazing, but have you stopped to think about why? We sure have. Here are some reasons we love food trucks and why you should too.All About AtmosphereAfter be …

​The History of the Macaron

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 14th May 2021

People have been enjoying macarons, in some form, literally for centuries. However, it took some time for people to get the idea to turn it into a sandwich cookie with delicious fillings. The French macaron was, of course, finalized in France – but likely the original recipe for the cookie came …

3 Top Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Graduation Party (with Less Hassel)

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 5th May 2021

One more month and it will be graduation season! A graduation party is a great way to celebrate this huge milestone, but sometimes planning and executing the party can be overwhelming. Fear not! To help you throw a memorable party without going crazy, here are our three top tips for an unforgett …

What is the Difference Between a Macaron and a Macaroon?

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 19th Apr 2021

The macaron and macaroon are not the same confection, but they are European cousins. According to the International Culinary Center's director of pastry operations, Chef Jansen Chan, bakers from France and Italy influenced the development of both cookies.Macarons and macaroons each have three …

4 Reasons You Want Macarons at Your Minneapolis Wedding Reception

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 5th Apr 2021

When it comes to your Minnesota wedding, it's important to find things that make the day feel as memorable as possible, from the decor to the food. Here are 4 reasons you want macarons at your reception!1. Customizable Few moments will ever be as special as your wedding day, and we want to hel …