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Minnesota Bride Tells Us About Her Experience with Nikkolette's Macarons

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 4th Oct 2021

We sat down with one of our recent brides to ask what her experience was like having a macaron tower at her Minneapolis wedding!Krista and Shane had a backyard wedding with 100 people at the beginning of September 2021 to celebrate their marriage in April 2020. "We didn't get to celebrate with ou …

Top 5 Gifts to Send in College Student Care Packages

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 9th Sep 2021

For some students, this is their first time living away from home is as a college freshman. For others, it's just another year in the dorms. Either way, nothing makes a homesick student feel more loved than receiving a care package. We have a whole blog on some great gift tips and why long-dista …

What’s in Store for Our Favorite Minneapolis Food Truck?

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 4th Aug 2021

We've had a great couple of months exploring Minneapolis with our vintage Nikkolette's Macarons truck. To celebrate, we sat down with Nikkolette to ask about her about what it's like to run the truck and what’s next!What has been your favorite thing about getting the truck?People flock to it …

Why the Gluten-Free Diet is So Popular

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 19th Jul 2021

At Nikkolette’s Macarons, we use entirely gluten-free ingredients in our Minneapolis macaron bakery. Many people wonder if cutting out gluten might be right for them. Let’s look at why so many people are choosing to eat a gluten-free diet.Incredible popularity of gluten-freeTo be clear, being g …

3 Reasons to Take Time for Yourself This Summer

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 5th Jul 2021

You deserve to treat yourself all year round but especially this summer! Summer craziness gets us all. Events pop up nearly every weekend, the weather is perfect for outdoor projects, and school is out for the masses. Fear of missing out tends to keep us busy, but we get burned out. So to encour …

Top 8 French Desserts

Posted by Nikkolette's Macarons on 16th Jun 2021

Whether it's haute cuisine or simply bread and cheese, France has long been intertwined with the culinary arts. Various types of Champagne and wine were devised in France, as were numerous complex entrées. France has something for your sweet tooth, too, with a long history of tasty desserts. Thi …